Program Overview

Welcome to Starks Homes, LLC in Vail, Arizona! We are a residential behavioral health facility for young men between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Our facility provides structured programming as well as on-site counseling, medication monitoring, and educational services. 

What sets Starks Homes apart? Our caring staff, the involvement of our experienced and deeply motivated founder and program administrator Corey Starks, and the integration of the input of a team of individuals who touch the lives of the young men we are here to help. This may include behavioral health professionals, counselors, our professional staff, client family and/or legal guardians, placement agency case workers, and, of course, the clients themselves!

We are here not just to provide beds or housing – we are here to help our residents overcome past obstacles and develop a sense of confidence as they move into their futures! 

Resident Experience

Whether you're familiar with living in a group home or receiving behavioral health care for the first time, we trust that you will find something new and different at Starks Homes. We are ...more

Parent Experience

As a parent or legal guardian of a Starks Homes' client, you are a part of the team that is giving valuable input into the decisions related to your son's care. This begins right at admission, ...more

Placement Agency Experience

As a placement agency choosing Starks Homes to treat one of your clients, you can be assured that the individual you are placing with us will be getting comprehensive care with continual ...more