Placement Agency Experience

As a placement agency choosing Starks Homes to treat one of your clients, you can be assured that the individual you are placing with us will be getting comprehensive care with continual oversight, that you will be knowledgeable about treatment decisions for your client throughout his stay here, and that you will receive regular and timely communication related to his ongoing progress or any changes in his care. We can also coordinate meetings with placement agencies and families of clients when needed.

We value the insight and opinions of professionals who have worked with our residents prior to their stay with us. We consider you a part of the team, and whenever appropriate, we will give you opportunity to have input into treatment decisions for our common clients. Your knowledge will help us to give the best care that we can to a client who is a concern to both us and you.

Also, in our effort to give you and your clients the best possible experience, we will welcome your evaluation of our services as we consistently work to improve them.