Resident Experience

Whether you're familiar with living in a group home or receiving behavioral health care for the first time, we trust that you will find something new and different at Starks Homes. We are not here just to provide beds and shelter. Though we may never be a “traditional” family, to the greatest extent possible, we are here to be a family to you and your peers living here with you.

Here at Starks Homes, we know that we've all faced difficult issues, but our issues, including the ones that come from within, do not define who we are, and they do not have to determine our future. That's why at Starks Homes, you can expect to be believed in. We will talk about your obstacles honestly, but we will do so to help put the tools into your hands to overcome them.


Here are some of the other things that you can expect during your time at Starks Homes:

    • Expect to be respected and to have your unique personality and individual differences be recognized as significant.
    • Expect to be asked to participate and chip in.
    • Expect to have opportunities to simply have fun! Pursue physical activity, or other interests of your choice.
    • Expect to associate with a caring group of staff members who will get real with you and work to create a family dynamic.
    • Expect to interact with peers your age who are on a similar journey to your own.
    • Expect to receive individual attention and mentoring in your personal and academic life.