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What We Do – Starks Homes

What We Do

The focus of Starks Homes is to develop self-reliance in its residents, so that they can lead successful lives both during and after their time at the facility. While providing behavioral health and physical health services to our residents, we also go beyond this to guide them toward greater educational accomplishment, physical activity, and community involvement.

Residential care



Transportation to court appointment

Cultural awareness and affirmation activities

Family-strengthening weekend activities

  • Coordination of special education
  • IEP advocacy
  • Assistance with 504s
  • Tutoring and academic guidance

Transportation to family visits

Vocational placement

Life skills development

Medical and dental care

Medication monitoring

  • Weightlifting
  • YMCA participation
  • Sports intramural leagues

Join Us Today!

Are you a person of responsibility and integrity? Do you love working with youth or helping to provoke lasting change in the life of an individual who has faced difficult obstacles? Come join us


Do you have a unique skill-set that you would like to put to use to benefit others? Do you have a passion to work with young people? Would you like to gain valuable experience in the behavioral health field? Do you desire to give back to a community-focused initiative?


Start a career or advance in your field by becoming an employee of Starks Homes. Career opportunities may include work as a clinical director, behavioral health technician, behavioral health paraprofessional, and/or contract work as a counselor.


While financial donations are always welcome, donations of your time, services, or new and used belongings are also beneficial to the youth in our program. Starks Homes is a limited liability corporation, which means that any donation that you make to our facility is not tax-deductible.
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