Who We Serve

Starks Homes is a behavioral health residential facility for young men between the ages of 12 and 17. As a “behavioral health” facility, our services are for those young men who are receiving or need to receive treatment for a behavioral health issue, which may include substance abuse, certain mental or personality disorders, or “a significant psychological or behavioral response to an identifiable stressor or stressors.” The young men whom we serve may also be experiencing involvement with the juvenile justice system, and may have exhibited in the past or currently be exhibiting any combination of delinquency, emotional concerns, physical problems, homelessness, family violence, or trauma.

As a “residential” facility, we are here to help young men in need of additional support, whether their prior living arrangement be with a foster family, natural guardians, or even another behavioral health agency. Our home is appropriate for those young men who are able to commit to a minimum of a 90-day stay.

Starks Homes does not provide services to young men who have been convicted of violent assault or crimes of a sexual nature, and certain other restrictions do apply as to whom we are currently equipped to treat. However, we desire that every young man with a behavioral health issue find appropriate treatment, and if our services are not right for you, we will refer you to outside services for assistance!

If you have further questions about whether Starks Homes is right for you or someone you know, please feel free to contact us!